Monday, 30 April 2012

Cookie, again.

I now know what Bini John was trying to tell me before. Kalau takde mood nak tulis, mmg hampeh. bila ada mood, sampai 5 entry in one night la pulak.. I don't care. I started blogging because I now have less people that I can talk or chat or whatsapp to these days. I might as well pen it down. Loosing your chat buddies memang a sad case, but better not loose your mind!

So since masih mentah dalam dunia blogging ni, I have all the time in the world to look at my previous blogs. so, in the last few entries, I realize the cookies did not look the same as the batch I made tonite. HENCE, that deserve an entry! 

Tonite we named it "blek n wyte choc chip cookie". I was telling Alanis, that ada femes emes smell but taste to tak la sangat. what it needed was another minute in the oven. Everytime masuk Presto, memang singgah tengok baking area, bukan nye banyak sangat barang pon.. but tonite, my eyes and hands were caught at Nestles Butterscotch semi-sweet chips. At the same time, nak white chocolate jugak.. don't know what happened, i grabbed two packets. Only come to realize at home that i grabbed one hersheys choc and nestles' white choc chip.. NO butterscotch! na-ah, me not going back to presto for no butterscotch! next time buddy!

Oleh itu, terhasil lah gambar di atas.

Sekian. Chalos.

p/s: ye, saya nak blog sampai saya ngantukk.. *mata layu*

28th April 2012

The day was 28th April 2012 . I'd like to only think that it was Abah's birthday. 

I refused to look up or Google or even follow up on BERSIH that day. Today, i manage to look see some blogs via a friends shared link.

one word -  sad.

i just felt that i was watching an incident in Syria, or even Mexico.. ok fine closer, Bangkok! that could not have been my country. i come from peaceful Malaysia. 

Kerana setitik nila, rosak my susu sebelanga.. 

Why people, why?

Sekian. Chalos.

My baby is fully dressed.

Ok, sorry not this baby. This gurl these days memang susah nak bagi pakai baju. So today, i let her go free. Mummy dok baking punya pasal, Abang took out my stationary treasure box. Alamat nye ini budak sudah jumpa marker pen. Self-painted herself and a few marks on Abang too. And that is her tummy, not supper-imposed tummy hahahaa....


 I meant this baby is fully dressed now. Thanx to YF, it now dressed up in orange crystal case. Keyboard covered with Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector TPU, yang orange that comes with the case does not fit beautifully, this does! :) Anti-glare, Anti-finger print Screen protector fixed. And last but not least, trackpad protector which is super smooth. 

Bini John sila take note. :) Trackpad protector ni harus dan akan menjadi wajib apabila ada anak2 yg suka korek hidung then terus nak pegang trackpad.

oh ya, jangan lupa screen and surface cleaner by AVAREX. good to have when you have one or more gadgets with you plus kids with sticky hands!

Sekian. Chalos.

A very very hot day!

It has been forever nak pi pekena tutti frutti belakang rumah ni ha.. One fine sunny day, yes, we got there.

Coincidentally, the shop houses kat sini is nearby tumble tots and happy nest. Will blog abt the mentioned two later later.

Ini lah muka Abang yang mula2 tak nak ice-skrim, bila masuk dalam kedai, nak pulak!

Tutti Fruitti ni cerita nye amik pakai timbang. So, kalau berhati-hati.. tak de la harge melonjak gegila. Alanis told me, kalau takde 20 hengget for an ice-skrim, jgn masuk! hence, terbantut lah lawatan kami ke tutti frutti ni.. 

What we had was, vanilla froyo with milo yg bulat2 tu ape nama ntah and oreo crushed = RM8 for Mikh. And for Mummy and Adik, coffee and choc with almond, and lots of kacang in it.. takde nye nak amik any fruits.. hahaha.. and that was abt RM7. i think it is value for money because quality is there. Kalau haagen daaz tu pon dah 10hengget lagi sikit (smaller in size) than what abang took. The amount we took was just nice, takde la nak membazir tak habis. Bekas je besar sbb they want us to fill it up.. guna kan akal minda anda, tak payah la nak penuh kan tub tu just because tub is big! 

While the short time we were there, Abang's classmate came in. i like what he did. I believe his mum gave him RM8 to spend. he squeezed some froyo and timbang.. then add more.. timbang balik.. bole masuk lagi.. amik sikit lagi, finally.. RM7.10. he paid and left. SMART !! Jangan belanja ape yg tak patut! hahah note to self tu..

Sekian. Chalos.

Busy day in the kitchen..

Alrity now.. Have not been playing FB games nor have i been out shopping. There was this one day, i just felt like doing so many things..

Last Friday, ikut selera tekak the kids, they asked for choc milk shake again.. This is the third request. 1st was plain shake, 2nd with sprinkled milo and 3rd i have decided to put a dash of oreo plus milo sprinkles in it! Jadi lah choc-oreo shake!

Later in the evening, hajat hati nak jumpa bini man on saturday, so baked some choc-chip no nut cookies, siap! Below gambar with almond.

Then while cleaning up the kitchen. Ah! Abah's birthday is tomorrow. Saw some bananas. Whoopped up some banana moist cake. Also baked an extra tiny batch for bini man.. Really hope bole jumpa...

I think this entry is pretty bland. Macam bosan je nulis.. However, i am in such a happy mood! Hanya Tuhan maha mengetahui. 

This entry has been saved dan baru hari ni ade mood nak publish.

Sekian. Chalos.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Never jump to conclusion..

On April 15, 2012, we were unable to get our eksesorry from HausofBiB in Bangsar due to some ignorant Malaysian. We came back home, told Bini John about it, she mentioned.. cari je dalam ebay, sure ada.. i looked but none (takde kaler yg bekenan) from ebay malaysia. then went to ebay international. So found one, immediately bid on it! Bid for USD10 ! Delivery USD10 as well. Bidding lasts for 40 minutes. No one else bid on it so i got it at USD8.95. Total USD18.95 (RM58.06). Happy because dapat way much cheaper than HausofBod which was RM160!

Today went to pick up at Post Office because tak dengar abang poslaju datang semalam, or maybe i was out when he came by. Dalam keta dah bukak packaging, to my disappointment, nampak macam macbook air (MBA) punya design. Heart was racing, marah ada, restless ada.. Quickly send feedback to sender if they are sure they sent MBP case instead of MBA.  Belom ape ape dah text YF telling about my "discovery".

Came home, again, looked at it. Took a snap shot (below) to sent to YF, "look, MBA punya nih, how??" YF tengah training ni, kacau je lah...

Gambar atas, macam MBA kan?
Takut nak bukak plastic sebab nanti nak kena return (sayang pon ade gak) Belek punya belek bendalah ni, bukak je lah.. Tup tup.. alamak bole la.. terbalik kan sana sini, krik krak sini sana.. hah! ta-daaa... hahaha gelak sengsorang lah nama nye.. laughing at me silliness. kelam kabut tak tentu arah, lompat to conclusion too soon. 

Moral of the story, jangan lompat too soon!

Sekian. Chalos.

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

Today is the day that I made full use of the kitchen. As in, the stove, oven, microwave etc, all in use. Yes, very rare. Since last week, have been craving for some curry. Fish curry ka, chicken curry ka, tak kisah lah..

Hence, went to buy barang basah sikit to try out fish curry. In my college years, i have always loved to cook curry.. fish and chicken. bole pejam mata.. well, that was 12 plus years ago.. sekarang kalau tutup mata, terpeleot lah nama nye!

Bought red snapper to make it worth while. 

Bini Kas decided to pop by, langkah kanan lah kawan.

Fish curry, after a decade..

Night comes, someone has emailed me a so-called bak kata Bini Man "Femes Emes" cookie recipe. Let's give it a shot. I have so far not succeeded in baking crunchy cookies. Be it butter cookie, chocolate chip cookie, ape ape cookie lah.. sure ada some weird taste and definitely chewy. So, this the halved-recipe given, i halved it even more. As I won't want to waste the batter if its another batch of chewy cookies.

Wa-lah.. a very small batch of crunchy non-chewy cookie. Yahoo! Even the hersheys chips melts like "femes emes" cookie. 

Choc-chip-Almond Hersheys Cookie

Sekian. Chalos.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sports Meet 2012

Alhamdullillah selesai acara sports meet year 2012. Fun-filled day at Stadium Shah Alam. Though it rained initially, but slowly the sun came up as the events started. Then the humidity begins.

Preparation for the day:

1. Battery for slr - charged, both of 'em.
2. Memory card - cleared.
3. "uniform" dah keluarkan..
4. Snacks, loads of snacks - packed!

Sudah ber-uniform!

Favorite Home Room teacher pinning his cape!

Wajah2 kepenatan.. 

Mikhail enjoyed every second of the day, although it was very very very tiring. This year's location, Stadium Shah Alam is much better as compared to the last two years, Stadium Bukit Jalil. However, there should be more kedai2 jual makanan outside the stadium like last year, this time tak ado! Nasib bank bawak munchies sendiri...

Sekian. Chalos.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gadget update..

Dulu masa pakai blackberry, i keep telling YF, "i think my fon battery dah something wrong, sekejap je dah habis." His kind reply is always, "nanti kite tukar fon keh.." so, iPhone dah terpahat di hati time tu..

Dapat je iphone, day 1 at noon time, "you, battery i dah low la".. YF's not so kind reply.. "tu la u, it's not the battery, it's your usage!!" huhuhu.. ye betul.. in order for me to whatsapp my dearest buddies, alanis, bini john and bini man on daily basis.. actually, hourly basis.. my battery runs dry real quick..

YF kalau pasal gajet ni, solution dia cepat je.. kalau bab lain.. pergh.. tunggu je la..

Solution is - a battery pack. 

Apparently, there are a lot of choices for extended battery pack especially for iPhone. nampak sangat battery runs dry quick for iPhone. mana tak nye, almost 96% apps pakai location services.. "find my friend" (ala ala friend finder) is on all the time. mana tak makan minum battery.

YF is already using a battery pack. His battery pack, brand Choiix runs at 2000mAH, if am not mistaken. Nak charge memang senang, pakai USB cable aje, at the same time bole solarly charge. as you can see in the image below, you'd have to stick the iPhone in it. thus habis lah angan2 nak pakai casing cantek2.

Yang bawah ni pulak brand Noontec model Powerme 9000mAH. its called power bank dah pulak instead of just a battery pack. it comes with 5 connectors for LG, samseng, nokia, mini usb & micro usb. hence bole charge segala. bertambah lah satu lagi gajet dlm henbeg mummy. I don't mind the weight as it lifts loads of weight from my mind, thinking that i may run out of battery anytime, worry no more. it apparently can 6x full charge an iPhone/iPod. But me, d kiasu one, pakai x sampai habis dah nak charge balik. to complete charge this power bank it takes 12 hours. 

Memang berbaloi lah..

Two items side by side. One is heavy and bulky but works wonders for me. Choiix is always handy to have, now wit me sebab kena kidnap from YF.. 

Sekian. Chalos.

A life at critical stage..

Today i found out that someone dear to me will be loosing her dear brother.. He is now critical in ICU Sg Buloh hospital. My heart goes out to you Wan..

I cant imagine the feeling, when the phone rings delivering sad news.

Her abang sakit sebab terkena buatan orang. It all started with someone tak puas hati tuju kan to him and that made him paralyze. For years, doctors are not able to pinpoint his pain.. Asyik2 cakap vein problem itu ini..

They hv tried all sorts of medication and yet to no avail. He is now on respirator. His heart has stopped functioning properly.

Today is hard for her. But i know she is strong.

I also know this is ketentuan Illahi. Dari Dia kita datang, kembali juga pada Nya nanti. But, to that someone yang plays black magic to initiate all this. I pray for your safety, dunia dan akhirat. Naudzubillahi min zalik.

My prayers are with you, girl.

Sekian. Chalos.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Foto Freak

Since pakai 8mp fon ni, i became obsessed in taking pictures and editing 'em and downloading anything photo related apps.

There are the ones i keep. A few dah kene delete sebab tak menepati citarasaku. My current favorite is "PowerCam".

Gambar tah hape hape, but i like what it can do.

Gomol time with Tok Bah. 

Of course my 16gb can't take much photos in, I'd have to transfer it elsewhere. Sang Suami bought iPhoto app for iPhone, iPad, and mbp. So, dah beli kan, pakai ler.. without realizing my "photo stream" function is on, i have all my photos screwed up as in uploaded where it dun belong.

Photo Stream

With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. No syncing. No sending. Your photos are just there. Everywhere you want them.

I dun get it. Why do I wanna do that? I don't want pics I take to appear on other devices. So, i had it on. 350 photos uploaded on my fon. And I can't seem to be able to delete it. Off the function, turn it back on, it's back.. arghh.. *pull hair*.. Last last off aje!

Alrity now. Mikayla is finally asleep. it's 19/04 @ 0415 hrs.

Sekian. Chalos.

Chocolate Milkshake

Oh choc milkshake tak sempat nak ambik gambar sudah di sambar..

Very simple to do, am glad the kids love it.

6x Scopes of Chocolate ice-cream 
1x cup of fresh milk

Blend it with love.

Will do it again, this time with snapshots!

Sekian. Chalos.

Hangin dengan bank, perkara biasa..

It all started last Monday, Mr Hasben, ajak pegi Bank Negara to check our CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System) status. To my surprise, there was HLB under special attention account which means I was a bad-debtor with HLB. 

I emailed customer support for HLB and they replied telling sum one will call back in 24 hours. Actually, someone called back immediately (18/04 @ 1453hrs spoke for 3 minutes).

To my surprise, the guy, Mr Rangger, did not want to hear my explanation. Assuming that I will pay the outstanding of RM184, he raised his voice asking me why was i upset with him. 

i told him, look.. i have the right to be upset.

1. i do not have any EON/HLB credit card. they approved me a card and send me one. it doesn't mean nuts to me!
2. the amount of RM 184 were govt tax and sum interest. there was no transaction made by me
3. why the hell if i owe you 184 hengget, you go and put me in CCRIS list..

now you tell me, aku patut marah ke tak kat cs agent yang bangang nih! he sounded OLD thus i believe dia sudah sentap bila aku marah2 dia with my facts that he couldn't be bothered to investigate.

Then i guess he realized that there was no transaction on the card and he offered a solution. 

Matter not solve. Got customer really pissed. 

Lucky started blogging. At least it's blogged.

Sekian. chalos.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Challenge Accepted - Barney Stinson

I challenge myself to blog nonsense every other day. Bak kata Bini John, blog tentang benda benda bangang, belasah je lah..

Challenge accepted. insya-Allah.. bole kot.. kalau bosan2 blog merapu mode is on. 

P/s: Barney Stinson, if you don't know him, google! ;)

Insomniac Housewife

The one night that the kids are asleep way before midnite, i just can't sleep. It's me time. Hot coffee, spicy nuts, kinder joy and Desperate Housewives 8.

Yes, Season 8, Episode 19. Susan lost Mike. Now that's hard to take. Sometimes I wonder if   there are any 4 girls / bffs out there similar to the housewives.

Now let's see. Who are my 3 other "housewives" that's close to me? Takde kot. Because none of them are on my "Wisteria Lane".. sigh.. 

I tried to see how I felt being Susan, loosing Mike. Can't describe..

How about being Lynette ? it just kills me..

Sekian. Chalos.

Kinder joy.. How come no joy..

Yes, it is just RM3.29. 

Si Adik will eat the white chocolate part only. Dua bebola is untouched. The above yang tinggal satu tu, sebab mummy di suapkan sebiji.

Toy that is supposedly to bring joy. About 15 seconds of joy to Mikhail, i guess.

Kinder joy oh Kinder joy, why you bring me no joy? RM3.29 does sound reasonable for an italian chocolate with a german name.. tapi kalau dah every visit to presto kena pau one or two eggshell, memang mummy kopak. 

anyways, nama pon "kinder" which means children.. joy is for the children i guess.. :) 

sekian, chalos.

First blog. Blogging 101.

I have always wanted to blog, not! Then again, macam best pulak nak blog ni.. Dari asyik main game facebook je kan..

However, kenkadang tu ada rasa malu la pulak if frens or relatives were to find out and start reading.. Aduss...

Ok blog 101. Selalu nye people blog abt what they think, feel etc.. I think if i do get sum satisfaction from this blogging thingy, i will continue blogging.. Heheh..

I am also inspired to blog by an old friend, i will call her Bini John. A very strong lady. By strong i mean it, 6 kids and no maid.. Strong lah tu!!!

Sekian chalos!