Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Challenging Ramadhan..

30 July 2012

It is the day my dear Mikhail turns 9, a glorious day for him, all psyched and excited.

It is also the day we found out that I had a miscarriage.

With all the things that's been going on, the news of my pregnancy gave me a new mission in life, for at least abt 9 weeks..

I thot I would have a FULL puasa this year, yay! But come 27 July, i began to have light spotting. On 29 July, it was clots. I knew something was not right..

Docs first few sentence that broke my heart, "baby tak jadi la dear.." it has not grown from week 6. There cud be some abnormalities that made the fetus didnt grow.

31 July 2012

Went in to KJMC for D+C. It was fast and just fast. I was put in GA. Tido and pengsan sampai tak ingat. My biggest worry was how mikayla will be coping on her own with her dad and grandparents. Alhamdullillah, all went well. Mikayla well behaved. Did not put anyone to major stress. Fetus is gone. :(


God has a better plan.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Ever since school days, I've always had pizza with tabasco. One fine day sum time last year, tabasco was not served in Pizza Hut anymore, staff reasoning, ada customer sakit perut.. (ah ?&$%) apparently it is TIDAK HALAL. As it has DNA ba-alip-bi.

Why is it not sold under "non-halal" when it is JAKIM certified as tidak halal?


Sekian. Chalos.

Yes, image above is taken at home because husband bought it at cold storage. The question is, how many people would google e.g. "HP Barbecue sauce tidak halal?" to just find out tabasco pepper sauce is tidal halal. How about Lea & Perrin sauce? it is from the same HP company? *fenin fenin*

the above letter was found at Pengesahan JAKIM on Harian Metro website dated 18th November 2011.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

It has been 75 minutes..

Usually my fridays goes by really fast. Sent kiddo to school, be home by 7.50am.. Put little Ms Brown to sleep. Sumtimes i take a nap too till 10.20am or so.. Then off at 11.40am to pick up kiddo from school.

However today, lil Ms Brown refused to go back home. We have been at the playground for more than an hour and counting..

We are still here as I key this in..

Sekian. Chalos.

Paint oh paint..

This was taken sumtime last week. Passion still going strong with second set of water color already.

Mummy pon teringin nak paint jugak lah!

Sticky stick stick..

Today tok mum gave Mikayla a set of MMC stickers. We thot, bole la bawak balik rumah and stick stick.. Tak sempat dehh..

Guess where the stick stick ended up..

Lah susu.

I took Mikayla for her 30 months check up a couple days ago. Told her paed that I am still breastfeeding. He suggested that I stop breastfeeding (due to some other reason, not that he's against breastfeeding or whatnot). I asked any suggestion how? He answered, just don't give in. Dia nangis ke ngamuk ke, biar je..

Alahaiii doctor oiii.. If it is that simple, dah buat dah.. I must say I cant stand her tantrums and cries and I wud normally give in. I guess I am the one who has to handle her day in day out.. Who else knows better kan?

I also have some advice coming from a non-parent "kau train la anak kau duduk carseat!" wahduh wahduh.. Sedapnye mulut.. Anyways, my reply to her was "a ah kan, nape aku tak train ek? Pandai la kau ni!" (dalam hati, alhamdullillah.. Ya Allah !!)

Imagine breastfeed naik vespa..

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Miss Brown

Ever since fasting month, my little cikkiah has been a Miss Brown. Roaming around the house with her "big gold necklace" and pushing her baby minnie.. Sigh..