Sunday, 27 September 2015

TokBah and Lightroom Adobe

My dad has recently grew a passion in editing, yes photography is still it but more into editing nowadays. Some pics may look scary but I do love most of them.. 

Added on 24.10.15

Sekian. Kthanxbai. 

A postponed aidil adha gathering

My little brother can cook. 

He has expertised himself with a few dishes but this is so far his favorite. My personal favorite are ALL his cooking! 😝

Back to the topic, yes, we have extended our Raya Haji gathering to 27/09 because the whole family came down with a vomitting bug during the actual raya day. 

Well it was worth it, I must say. 

Youngest members of the family "admiring" a stool. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Blogging, delayed. 19mths and counting.


Just realized that my last posting was in Feb 2014. That's abt when I started to have a new routine, the gym. Yes the gym. Mode nak kurus datang balik. A few friends decided to join the same spot, alkonon nak "sihat".. 

At this point, these few ladies were connected and favored a friendship that hopefully, insyaAllah, lasts a lifetime..

Ok back to the gym story.. Enrol sudah, bayar membership pun sudah.. Pegi nya? Eh pegiiii.. Ade la sebulan eh dua bulan.. Rezeki Allah nak bagi, I got pregnant. Trying not to get so excited, did not share the news with anyone. Halted my gym membership.. 

Mode nak kurus, sekian. 

Sekian. chalos. 

Skylanders makes HappyKids

Waited for so long (two months je - preordered).. Kids beaming, mummy glowing. 

Could not ask for more. 

Don't judge me.