Thursday, 26 September 2013

Make $$ online


I have not been blogging. Sebab.. sibuk main FB games! ye la tu..

iye ye, candy crush main.. plants n zombies pon main jugak. but have slowed down on both. so pada yang dok request life or what not.. minta maap ye..

Exam (anak nye exam je) is around the corner.

School is pushing final exam to mid Oct.. so, what do they do since then tip mid november? aduss..

alrite.. today i'd (more like my niece) like to find out.. what is these "make $$ online" is all about. whenever i tell people that "i'm not working", next question is, takde buat anything online ke since u ada anak kecik.. haaaa tau pon aku ada anak kecik.. lagi may tanya biznes online.. its as tho as i dun hv a job to go every morning hence i have ALL the possible time in the world in a day.. whoaa...

The story begins.. I started hunting abt this working online thingy.. some are all about posting iklan here and there.. if people out there buy the book u selling, u get money.. which sounds nice.. macam senang je kan nak post iklan merata2.. ingat ape, ahlong? main tampal gambar org sesuka hati..

some are about clicks and hits and traffic flows..

the ones that makes faster bucks (according to them experts).. yang clicks and hits ni make u lesser money and slower. tapi take.. kita try ke duanya sekali.. <-- please help me click this and this wud take u to a website that wud sell the idea of opening up an account and get ur clicks shared paid..

there's a few more.. i'll be back. Friday calls calling..

src="" border="1"
/></a> Malaysia Millionaire shares secret!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Adsense? Adakah? Berbaloi?

I have been stumbling one too many times on it..

what's it gonna take? what hv i got to loose? what if i gain? what if.. what if..

heck! lets give it a shot.

psst: dah lama dah jenguk blog, tetiba meroyan yer..

selamat mencuba. Bismillahirahmanirahim..