Sunday, 10 June 2012

11 June 2012

Today is first day after two-weeks break. Takut tak bangun punya pasal, woke up at 4am, join tgk bola and did not sleep til subuh.. 


sekian. chalos.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Drafting and got drifted..

I was drafting a blog.

Could not sleep then. Notification for facebook beeped. An old flame, eh friend posted a photo.



Smiles all the way.

Have a fabulous thursday.

P/s: its been awhile since i met up wit her, shud go for kohi..

Sekian. Chalos.


"i'd rather not comment at all coz when i do, u're not gonna like it"

sekian. chalos.

Monday, 4 June 2012

school holiday mode still on

i am not supposed to be blogging right now.

Sekian. Chalos. 

Ikebukuro to Maihama 23-30 June 2012

25/05/2012 - Left the hotel at 7.40am. Headed for Hachumasen station. Today is our long awaited mt. Fuji tour.

Kids behaving. 😍

We got to the 5th station at 3774m to get a good view of the fuji-san. The weather was not on our side. View was ok but cub be better.

From thr, we were dropped off Ryukyu Highlands for lunch. Headed of to Owakadani for a cable car ride. After Hakone, we took the boat across Lake Ashi.

By evening, we headed off to Odawara station to take the Shinkansen aka bullet train. Ride was merely pleasant bcoz it was rush hour and we were seated separately. Being Japanese, very prihatin abt their surrounding, two ladies gave up their seats so that we could sit together.

Our ride stopped at Shinagawa station. O boy, was i wrong abt the earlier ride. Situation was much much worst at the train station let alone in the train! We had to take another train to our hotel, Ikebukuro station. I think sardine wun even have survived that cramped car! However, being in a country that's highly considerate, all four of us were seated after 3 minutes of standing and cramping. Me carrying a child, a tired boy and two senior citizen got seats given up by amazing japanese!!

That's it for today. It is a history in the making for me. From a bus ride, cable car, boat cruise and a bullet train - superb mode of transport in one long day, awesome!

Sekian. Chalos.

** this blog was super delayed as i couldn't post or edit anything at the hotel in Japan as my blog page turned japanese and i could not find the "english" button.. gave up and rest. ** (2/6/12)