Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Finer things in life.. Family.

It has been a while that the family has gathered for an overseas trip. Many many years ago, in my teens, during on of our family trips, my parents has once told us, "Why Abah bought the gold membership?" it is purely because that someday our family will have 6 adults instead of just the 4 pf us which mean "menantu(s) included". I thot.. Oh wow, that would be nice. Husband gets the privilege to go on trips too.

What is this "gold membership"? It is the getaway vacations club, timesharing thingy that those tele-marketer use to call you up and ask you to sign up. Yes, the fon calls were annoying but if you love and plan to travel. This would in fact save you a lot on your accommodation.

There are few that i know namely berjaya vacations club (bvc), mines (not sure of its exact club name), legend worldwide etc. My parents joined Legend Worldwide since he was attached to legend hotel at that time (around year 1999). At that time Gold membership costs abt RM14k. You get 7 days a year and bedding for 6 adults.

Some bookings are required a year in advance. Some may  just only need two week prior.

Alrity, this entry has to end here as we are about to touchdown. Airasia flight to Haneda tonite was excellent. I refuse to brag about the puduraya situation, the rowdiness of the in-flight passengers etc. all i know, alhamdullillah, my two-year old sat quietly for 7 straight hours! did not come off her seat AT ALL!  i am blessed.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Still challenging myself to blog daily, apa kan daya, sometimes, am just not in the mood.

Today is Friday 18th May, 2012. Kiddo has completed mid-term exams. Hence, no drill-hour, no homework etc.. I thot I just wanted to do nothing. Baring depan tv and practically do nothing.. was about to indulge in doing nothing, terpikir nak watsepp2 sekejap. Mem2 semua sebok dgn anak pinak.. so, back to doing nothing.. coming into the 11th minute of doing nothing.. I hear foot-steps that comes with "mummy, can we have pancakes", suara si abang. "i'm hungry". The later phrase, i heard it 3x times today. 

First at 3.30pm, fed him chicken rice, two hours later, had another bowl of rice. When we were done with dinner at 8.30pm, third request. Hence, mummy took the kids jalan2 citta mall. Saja cari nahas kan?! Since the little one is asleep, less pau-ing, so i thot..

Jalan2 part, she was sound asleep. The moment we entered presto, mata sudah bukak. O oh, pau time. First thing she saw was an ice cream cone box, and wanted jus that! Mummy happy. Si abang pulak saw a milk promo stand. He kept on taking d mini cups, almaklum la, kawan lapar! I think he wallupped 8 mini cups. Mummy's face cannot hide dah. Malu and serba salah, took one bottle. I know its good for him. Fresh milk kan.. However, duth lady fresh milk does the same too. This milk comes jersey cows kot, mahal nye tak terhingga. The bottle snapped costs abt RM9.35. Kena pau jugak lah. Jalan2 punya jalan, mummy pon felt like pau-ing something. "nestles' butterscotch chips"..

I think i shud change my entry title now.

RM 9.35, it is worth it when it is used to its very last drop.

And so the pancakes requested had the ingredient of jersey fresh milk. hopefully sedap! this is my lempeng keju. Or kiddo would call it, creamy cheesy  pancake with melted butter. 

While mummy was busy watsepping and making pancakes in the kitchen. little cikkiah was playing doll. i just had to snap Mr. Beh sleeping, on the floor.

Back to original entry title, i can not just have a do-nothing evening... or a self-ish moment... or some of us call it me-time.. although i want to, i just can't. i love the look on the kids face when they are slobbered with butter. penat pon hilang.. 

no matter how down or devastated i feel, how bad a day i have, how much i need to be alone thingy.... 

i am however glad i have... i feel that some close people to me are just drifting apart.. getting far far away.. however, some just got closer and closer..

Sekian. Chalos. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

37 years later..

Such a delayed post but who cares. ;) it was a thursday so nothing fancy however it was filled and surrounded with warmth and affection. Alanis decided to spend the whole day with us. eating spree began from breakfast at "3rd world" - nasi goreng sedap (gambar tak sempat sebab dah lapar sangat). Lunch we had pecal lele.. oooo.. writing this at this hour (2am) is not good, making me tummy growl. then tea-time, bought cuppies from wondermilk (cuppies yg super keras) for the kids so they could settle down while we have coffee at Chawan. Dinner pulak, my parents ajak to go for a simple dinner at Pappa Rich. ok the picture of Bubba Gump tu, coming soon, which is next to Pappa Rich. below bukak, dun get too excited! 

cook book gift by cik alanis. baik, says akan mask dan bake utk cik alanis! ;)

This cost us RM5. it's a petite cake size. However, i think it is left overs from the party packs yg depa bust and tak laku, hence keras ok~!!

Tetibe cikkiah nak posing depan bubba gump ni.. alahaiii... 

Indeed it was an eating spree. the next night, YF took us to Chilis. As usual, i had bahu kamben yg maveles! Makan makan dan makan lagi.. 

Sekian. Chalos.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mother's Day Plea..

Mummy is sorry..

Dear Mikhail,

I am sorry. Disebabkan, eh.. in order to save RM5, mummy made you play a game in Russian. Mummy kedekut 5 hengget. Mummy is sorry. Mummy need to control my expenses. So, mummy download aje game for you. The only download they have is in Russian.  I know that you can't understand Russian, hence, you can't save any games. Nanti lah, ada rezeki, mummy go buy that RM5 game keh!

Dear Mikayla,

Mummy is sorry because I had to bathe you at 2:41am. That is because you have not bathed the whole day, including the day before. I am not sure why lately you have been so reluctant to mandi and change. However, mummy will try my best to pujuk you mandi. Plus, we have Mak Alanis coming over later.. so must mandi! So, best mandi pepagi buta?? now you are sound asleep sebab dah sedap kena warm bath and vicks di dada. Mummy is supposed to sleep when you are asleep, but mummy just can't. 

Sekian. Chalos.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I was in the kitchen and suddenly thot of something. PHD. Perasaan Hasad Donkey. 

How to detect PHD goers.. *smirk*

the following was a conversation with an anonymous:

Person: Korang tak pegi becuti memana ke? 
Person i know: insya-Allah end of the month going somewhere la..
Person: Mana? mana?
Person i know: jepun.
Person: ooo.. awat pi jepun? apa ada kat jepun?
Person i know: nak bawak cucu2 pi disneyland, bukan selalu..
Person: laaaa... jepun ada apa utk budak2.. awat tak pi korea? i baru balik from disney seoul. ya Allah best nyaa.. *at the same time turning to someone else looking for confirmation*

me: *terkebil* silently, korea? disneyland? 

Person i know: *getting red* disney tokyo besaq.. lain sket from the rest..
Person: u dah penah pi disney korea?
Person i know: tokyo ada dua disney.. *controlling redness*
Person: u dah penah pi disney korea ka???

person i know: *looked at me* tak mampu lah nak pi korea..

Yang nyata, ade ke disneyland seoul? ok. setelah di google selama 3 hari. this is the closest i found, Lotte World Korea. but it ain't no disney!

To me this is just plain donkey. Kenapa la nak rasa macam tu.. rezeki masing2 lain2 kan.. korang pon murah rezeki jugak. tapi jangan la berhasad donkey ngan orang lain. pantang tengok orang lain jalan.. pantang dengar cerita orang lain, cerita dia lagi hebat.. aduss.. 

Sekian. Chalos.

Pisau oh pisau..

M.. M.. M.. see the pattern? Mway.. heheh ye saya ahli MLM Amway. There are a lot of goodness in Amway that I can't even begin to say it out. Many first impression and expression (including mine).. ahh mahal lah amway!  after being convinced by YF, yes, it is more of value for money.

Every month I receive Amway booklet, it's called AMAGRAM. every time dapat, it will be in the plastic bag for a bit. then baru la bukak nak baca. same thing for May amagram. first opened on 5th May. first thing i saw was the CERAMIC KNIVES! I am not sure where this obsession of ceramic knife came from, but have been wanting it for a while.. 

there's one online website Pisau Seramik. Pricing wise was about RM69 sebilah. Promotion RM110 for dua bilah. I don't need two of it (time tu la..) so, i asked Alanis, dowan.. asked my mum, oso dowan.. adoii.. nak share ngan sape pulak ni..

Back to Amagram. Terlompat lah bila nampak pisau ceramik on Amagram I knew its a promotion. Buy some stuffs and get it for certain price. Maka lagi terlompatlah bila nampak..

"This promotion is valid in Malaysia and Brunei for orders placed in the month of May 2012 only, while stocks last. Limited to 6ea per Distributorship per day from 1-7 May 2012. AMWAY™ reserves the right to replace any premium with another item or model of equivalent value should the premium run out of stock."

See the 7th May deadline? aduss.. nasib baik lah mr hasben in generous mood. so, quickly go through the promo terms n condition. baru la make an order. 

The end product at home, finally. 

Sekian. Chalos. 

p/s: Below are extracted from Amway Malaysia website.

Buy ANY 5 Nutrition & Wellness products* OR 1 TROPICAL HERBS POST NATAL CARE,
be entitled to buy Ceramic Knives Set with Antibacterial Cutting Board (worth RM169.00) at:
MY (RM)35.00
BR (B$)15.00

* excluding ACTIVE 8™ Tangerine/Orange and Lemon/Lime, Acerola Cherry Drink Mix, Glucosamine HCl, Salmon Omega-3 60 & 120, Bio C Plus 100, Daily 60, Natural B Complex 100, Tropical Herbs Baby Oil, Wellness Packs and sales aids
Ceramic Knives Set
  • Sizes: 4" Paring Knife, 5" All Purpose Knife, 7" Chef Knife (laser-engraved with NUTRILITE logo)
  • Ceramic’s superior hardness results in superior blade sharpness and precision in cutting
  • Stain and rust resistant with nonstick surface that isn’t susceptible to acidic food and is easy to clean
  • Light weight – doesn’t tire out your arms when using
  • Durable – sharpness can lasts for years without needing sharpening
  • Chemically inert – won’t leave food with a metallic smell or taste
Antibacterial Cutting Board
  • 35cm(W), 24cm(H), Approx 0.8cm (thickness)
  • Cutting board material comes with antibacterial ingredient to avoid build-up of bacteria over time
  • Non-slip feature prevents board from slipping when in use
  • Can use on both sides
  • Comes with soft grip handle and juice collecting grooves
  • Embossed with NUTRILITE logo

Little playland...

Wow, it as been a while, i mean a week since i last pop by. what have i been up to? i guess nothing really interesting. except! except for the back n forth trip to KL. i can't believe how far it felt to travel to KL. and come to think of it, i traveled back and forth, daily, for years!! tak komplen pon dulu!! last rabu, decided to do visa for our month end trip. so, my abah said he would drive but i have to go do the embassy thingy. rabu, passport sent. got the receipt (silap tak ambik gambor), it says ready by 4th May. itu aje yang saya nampak. 4th May. so, my mother pon tak baca receipt bebetul, terus plan on friday morning, early morning, redah jam-time morning, must to KL. sesampai kat embassy, masuk ambik number, duduk. tetiba tak senang duduk. went to read some pasted notices on the wall. terbeliak mata  jap.. looking at the sentence "pick up time - 14:00-1600" !! arghh.. waited for my number to be called and memang say visa tak siap lagi...

i know my dad will not be driving up to KL anytime soon so, i offered. let's go after picking up abang today. and so, the 3 generation left subang at 1pm and redah kuala lumpur again.. got our visa and head back. alhamdullillah, through out the driving process cik kiah behaved well and slept all the way back, siap bole singgah baking supply shop on the way home...

Well, that's pretty much til friday..

weekend was a different ball of game.. well-spent with hubby's friends. They have a 9 month old baby, Baby Z. we were all at ikea on sunday.. jalan2 sampai kids section. usually cik kiah will not be bothered to take home anything. but this time around (tukar phase ke nih?), she got glued to a tunnel, a rocker and a ladybug. due to hubby's generous mood, di angkut nye semua barang2, cuma can't find the ladybug aje.. hence.. see below.


Sekian. Chalos.