Sunday, 8 November 2015

November rain 2015

I It seems like just yesterday I was enrolling myself to a gym nearby.. Once enrolled, a few good friends gathered, along the way I got pregnant, gain some weight, gained more weight.. Sigh.. Never ending. 

It's November, nearing to an end for 2015. I have hit the big 4-0, no big deal. I dun feel 4-0. 

As of today, I havr manage to loose those baby weight. I have gotten back to the weight before the two miscarriages. I am thrilled. I hv found the regime. Its tough at first but seeing those kelo goin' off, that keeps the fire burning.

I look forward to an ideal BMI, no more obesity or overweight bmi.. A few more kgs to go.. I know i can do it!

At a morning business meeting. Venue: oasis. Business lah sangat! ☺️😅

Chuckling away with my little ms eva! 😘😘😘

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