Friday, 20 November 2015

Diet oh diet

I so need a new weighing scale. My ikea scale does not work for me anymore. I need to see the lost even in grams! Hahahaha pathetic little me! 

Today's breakfast. Yes, a little cheat. No chili sauce! But heck, need some flavor! And coffee with stevia. 😝

Roasted chicken with cauli on the side. Damn, am getting bored with the menu. Argh! 

Ahax! Big time cheat for tea time. Cudnt resist, durian cheese cake with free coffee! Makes tea-time yummier...

Dinner.. Half boiled egg and a little portion of toast. 

Weighing scale, have mercy on me tmrw morning. 😘😘

Ahahahah baik lah Kevin.. Saya takkan buat senaman perut. Penat je buat senaman ni.. 😂😂😂

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