Friday, 20 November 2015

20 Nov - the urology chronology cum eulogy!

Its 10.48pm - Exhausted. Tired. Fatigue.

Today was THE day. The anticipated day, infact the most highlighted month of all for baby Ayman. 

A little recap, Ayman was born with a birth defect called hypospadia. It is a common defect where his urinal is not at the tip. We had been recommended by our paed to go to UMMC where a good urologist is based. And so we went. 

On the other hand, today is Bauk's birthday. Mikayla was kinda looking forward to celebrating Bauk's birthday at school. The night before, as usual, as i was mentally preparing her for the next day event, a drama began. 

"i dont want to go to school tomorrow" after a few attempts, i felt that there's no point wasting my energy here and just let it to rest. 

Here's the chronology (read only if you have the time):

11:15am - left home and picked up tokmum
12.00nn - arrived at UMMC. Traffic was horrendous. Waze helped though 
12:15pm - registered at Kemasukan Wad. Got our bed and settled down.  Was informed earlier that we need to be at the hospital latest by 12:30, blood to be taken before 2pm and to meet the anesthetic by 5pm. 

1:00pm - rushed downstairs to get my mum lunch and some drinks. 

1:15pm - waited. Nurse says an on-call doc will be seeing us shortly. Waited for Dr Aina.. 

1:45pm - waiting

2:00pm - waiting

2.30pm - "puan, saya nak timbang berat badan ye, sila ikut saya". Yay! Finally, its coming along.. Mummy got excited. Cheerfully took Ayman to the procedure room and what not. "Ok Puan, nanti Dr Aina datang pukul 3" 

3:00pm- So this Dr Aina,  (who was a housemen was very good at what she does however, we caught her flaws along the way) di mana kau? 

4:00pm - no Dr Aina to be seen

4:15pm - a lady with a handbag slinged came by and interviewed us. Asked some basic questions, jot it down and done. I asked, are you aina? Yes then she said her name. 

No no need to introduce yourself woman, i can bloody well read your mind!

4:30pm - As she walked off, i remembered something Ran after her and asked. "Aina, siapa nanti nak ambik darah?" Jawapan yang oh sungguh best "oh ya lupa, saya la, jom Puan!" 

(OMG, if i dun remind u, hang tak ingat?!!)

4:45pm- of course dalam dok jom jom i still had to wait for blood to be taken. 

About a feet away, I cud here her discussing with another fellow colleague abt this ambik darah thingy. Suddenly, she came to us and said.. Hear this, its a gem..

"Puan, kita ambik darah hari Ahad je lah since Puan nak admit hari Ahad ni kan"

Muka dia senyum senyum.
Muka aku mcm ayam tgh constipate.

My response was "oh ok then" what more is there left for me to say rite?

So what's next, should be meeting up with the "pakar bius".

4:35pm - quickly rushed downstairs to get a cuppa. Some fresh air. A walk out. Thinking by 5pm we wud be able to meet the "anaes" (this was how they pronounced and say it, i find it irritating that they shortened the anesthetic and slang it) and be done with it.

4:55pm - at bed 4. Wad 6PA. Waiting

5:00pm - waiting

5:35pm - two males and a female walked in. It was Aina and Muhammad. Both housemen. Muhammad is the doctor whom I met 5 months ago during Ayman's first 5-hour-wait check up. Another chap was an MO who accompanied the housemen.

Feeling enlightened, watched over the docs do their checks. It was more of teacher-student thingy among them. None was conversed or relayed to me. Patiently waited for an explanation on the procedure.


Finally i asked the MO, you bukan "anaes" ke? He gave me a laugh and said he wish! (?!?!) i really think they need to sort out their internal issue and not let me butt in so much. With that smirk on his face, I can tell a whole different story. Argh!

I also think he accidentally slurred out, "for all we know anaes tak datang langsung". Bayang kan muka ayam constipate aku bertukar ke muka apa haa?? I refuse to believe what i heard.

5:55pm - ok by now we have been marching the nurses' counter like a nazi parade. Kept asking what time is the "anaes" coming. "Oh Dr. Wan akan datang. Dia lambat sikit. Ada hal sikit"

By now i could not help it but said  "hope she comes by today ya.. Not tomorrow"

6pm - no sight of Dr. Wan the pakar bius

6:15pm - caught Muhammad and told him that we are still waiting. He cant say much. I asked him who was suppose to explain the procedure. "Oh saya la.. Kan dulu saya dah explain."

Oh my God.. Sabar lagi ni, sebab muka Muhammad amat lah seperti "tolong jangan marah daku kinda face".

I said, "oh that was 5 months ago, i dah lupa. Explain again! Because i think you have just decided about an hour ago on the 2-stage procedure and no one cud care less to explain to me!! Furious. Mummy. Alert.

7:00pm - waiting

7:15pm - the nurse called and said - Puan, anaes cakap dia jumpa Puan hari Ahad je. Puan datang pagi ye.

** my world spun. Mcm kena vertigo sekejap **

I dont think i paused. My first reaction was -

"No! On Sunday i datang maghrib, suruh anaes jumpa I time maghrib."

Ku bagai dirasuk hantu Maghrib.

"You made us wait since morning for nothing!! She (pointing to another mommy) came before 10am (both husband and wife took time off for today). I came yes slightly later but still. You made us wait the whole day for what?? Darah tak ambik, procedure tak explain, pakar bius tak jumpa! No, i ADA HAL ahad pagi! I datang Ahad time
Maghrib.. Mintak "anaes" datang ikut time i.. Hari ni I bole tunggu dia, ahad dia tunggu i !"

Suddenly without realizing, I ganged up with the other mommy. I pulled her hand. And said to the nurse..

"Dah we all dua dua datang petang! Not pagi !! We waited all day, now she waits for us!"

I walked away. No doubt, I pity the nurse (Norain was her name, i think) she was no where at fault. As usual, the messenger got shot!

Along the way, Norain, while trying miserably to defend the anesthetic, she kinda said "dia macam lupa pulak!"

Hahhh lagi my blood go upstairs!

Ok. I walked away. Now have to go discharge ourselves. From menara timur, grumbling away with my mum towards menara selatan, at the cashier, glad that we were not charged a single cent. It was quite a walk. As i was leaving menara selatan, the nurse called and said that after the bayaran, I have to go back to the ward and get the appointment card and sign the form.

I gawked for a moment.

My troop and I are restless, awefully tired and almost lifeless, in todays term, we were all on "low-batt" mode.

Left mum and Mikayla at menara selatan, walked with Ayman and my Mikhail back to Menara timur. Got the card and initial something.

"Puan, hari Ahad datang sebelum pukul 2 ye utk ambik darah" - i turned a deaf ear. I manage to control myself and not say anything nasty.

What the old Aween would have said was "you asked me to do the same thing today, come before 2 for blood check, - you must take me for an idiot for me to believe u again!"

And today Uncle Obama had to make a trip to Sunway. Nice BO! Perfect timing. We left Jalan University at 7:45 and reached home 9:30pm.

Thank you God for giving me half the patience i had today.

The reason of me putting this down in writing is so that i remember the details.

No pun intended.

Sekian. Chalos.

This is the "you are not getting away" look!! 

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